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Take Your Business to the Next Level!

Business Coaching Program Exclusively for Red Referral Network Members

Are you looking for ways to bring your business to the next level?

Would your business benefit from increased sales?

Do you want to improve customer loyalty?

Looking for ways to streamline and enhance communications?

Red Referral Business Coaching can help you!

Let’s increase your sales, improve customer loyalty, increase employee productivity, reduce people problems and enhance communication now. More profits are waiting for you. Sign up today!

With Red Referral Network Business Coaching you get expert guidance, proven solutions, and reliable information ON DAY ONE!

Sign up now for the new year’s first cohort: Starting in March of 2024.

The Red Referral Coaching Program includes:
  • One hour of private coaching with Jim Cathcart
  • Eight weekly group video meetings focused on topics, challenges and strategy you need most.
  • Direct personal contact each week with Jim Cathcart to get the answers you need in a timely manner.

Special Red Referral Network Price: $2997

Need More Information?
Schedule a free 15-minute consultation with Jim Cathcart and receive a free ebook, Connecting with Customers. Or you can watch a 14 minute overview in the video below.

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Potential Topics Covered in the 8 week session

  •       Increase Sales
  •       Improve Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty 
  •       Leadership & Management Development 
  •       Communication & Relationship Building 
  •       Presentation Skills, Public Speaking & Leading Meetings
How the 8 week session works

Experts to be available to you in an eight-week coaching series and additional ongoing support. You begin with a private conversation to isolate your most important needs and goals. Then you are included in small group briefings and discussions with a handful of folks like you. 

Small Group Sessions: the most effective way to provide consulting services and training in business strategies is with compatible business leaders and owners in small groups. Typically held via Zoom or video conference, these can also be in-person meetings where practical. The power of “Mastermind” collaborations like this is that you often gain insights and solutions you wouldn’t have thought of if only in a one-to-one consultation. Groups are kept small so that everyone gets the attention they need. 

About Jim Cathcart

Jim Cathcart, CSP, CPAE is one of the top 5 most award-winning speakers in the world. His Top 1% TEDx video has over 2.6 million views, his 25 books are translated into multiple languages, including 3 International bestsellers. He is a Certified Virtual Presenter and past National President of the National Speakers Association. Jim’s PBS television programs, podcast appearances and radio shows have reached millions of Success Seekers and he is often retained to advise achievers and their companies. www.jimcathcart.com

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